Residential Trips

At Nightingale Primary School, we believe in developing the whole child through our values of Respect, Courage, Compassion and Friendship. Our Nightingale ‘Key Values’ are also embedded within all of our residential visits, offering consistency from school-life to offsite visits. We find that often, those who struggle to achieve in the constraints of a classroom environment, achieve above and beyond within a learning environment that is outside the confinements of their school grounds. Through our residential visits we reflect our school ethos of developing a positive growth mindset, encouraging all children to embrace an ‘I can do’ mindset in all that they do. Whether it’s reaching the end of an obstacle course, squeezing through constrictive caves, canoeing in a straight line for the first time, or climbing to the top of a mountain, their ‘can do’ mindset is transferred back to the classroom, bringing a more positive learning attitude with it.

Throughout their time at Nightingale, all children will been given the opportunity to experience two different residential visits. In Year 3, children will experience their first residential trip to the Minstead Study Centre in the New Forest where they will stay for two nights and three days. This residential visit focuses on the children being more aware of how to care for their natural environment and contribute positively to the wider world in which they live. Following this, in Year 6, the children embark on a weeks-worth of breathtaking adventures and challenging activities in the Brecon Beacon mountains, Wales. This residential visit focuses on resilience, overcoming challenges and developing independence. With it taking place in the Autumn Term, it also acts as a team-building residential where all Year 6 pupils and staff spend time getting to know one another in preparation for their Year 6 journey and final year at primary school.