At Nightingale Primary School, we place great importance in music education for the children at our school; giving them a broad, engaging curriculum encompassing popular, traditional and world music where children are critical thinkers, creative and communicate their musical preferences through musical study. Through performing, listening, composing and evaluating, the children explore and gain and develop technical proficiency using the interrelated dimensions.

By the time children leave Nightingale Primary School, they will have received a rich, diverse and broad range of music to study, listen, perform and respond to. Children are given opportunities to play instruments and sing to members of our school and our wider community, giving them a great sense of achievement. The children are encouraged to compose music and appraise how successful they have been, making changes to improve their work further, allowing them to continually build on their ever-growing sense of achievement. At Nightingale Primary School, we strive for all children to feel empowered to be creative in a safe and nurturing environment, through the medium of music.