At Nightingale Primary School, we will deliver a high-quality science education that provides children with the fundamentals they need to recognise the importance of science in all aspects of everyday life and encourage respect for the physical environment and living organisms.

Through giving the teaching and learning of science high prominence throughout our school, we can ensure that our curriculum will enable children to become enquiry-based learners, who can ask questions and predict the outcomes of various investigations; plan, set up and perform experiments; observe, measure and record results, as well as conclude and evaluate their findings. Teachers ensure that every child is exposed to high quality teaching and learning practices such as: regular retrieval practice, engaging and intellectually challenging tasks and clear learning goals. This captures the children’s interest, encouraging them to ask questions and to become excited and curious about the world around them.

Children are encouraged to work scientifically to understand how science can be used to explain the occurrences they have measured and observed; to predict how something may behave and analyse what is causing it; evaluate and explain using evidence, scientific phenomena; applying their mathematical skills to collect and present data; to be safe in a scientific environment; to present studied data in a variety of ways and to use scientific equipment accurately and successfully. As a school, we ensure children are immersed in essential scientific vocabulary (through its regular and continuous use), that supports them in their pursuit of scientific knowledge and understanding.