Curriculum Intent

                                  Inspire to Aspire                                    


Through our concept led curriculum, we inspire children to feel well equipped, ambitious and confident in an ever-changing world.

During their time at Nightingale Primary, our children master the knowledge, skills and key concepts laid out in each of our circular areas that will be essential throughout their lives. These are sequenced throughout each academic year, each phase and each key stage. Alongside these skills and concepts, they learn to appreciate the uniqueness of their community, Eastleigh, and the diversity beyond it.

Our Curriculum includes purposeful opportunities for our children to build on their prior learning alongside experiences which allow for deep and immersive learning of new knowledge, skills and concepts. It enables children to strengthen their knowledge, frequently practise and refine their skills and deepen their experiences of our key concepts. A variety of learning approaches, designed to uncover the curriculum rather than deliver it, are included. These aim to ensure that our children become creative, practical and curious learners in order for them to develop skills from enquiry and scholarship.

Above all, we enable our children to be adaptable and resilient learners so that they aspire to meet their own ambitions and those the school has for them.