At Nightingale Primary School, we deliver the French curriculum, to Years 3, 4, 5 and 6, following the Languages Programme of Study from the National Curriculum. Our French curriculum’s intention is to allow children the opportunity to communicate with citizens from other cultures, create and generate cultural curiosity about the world beyond our school and local area, and to develop children who listen to, read, write and speak French.

We provide Key Stage 2 children with valuable experiences that allow them to develop the ability to communicate effectively, not only in spoken French, but also through reading, writing and listening. French at Nightingale Primary School will provide the foundation for our pupils to become language learners, providing and equipping them with skills that will allow them to study and learn other languages, as well as fostering and widening curiosity and desire to learn about other cultures around the world. It is intended that by the time pupils leave Nightingale Primary School, they are inspired and confident in choosing to continue studying languages at secondary school.