At Nightingale Primary School, we believe PE is a vehicle to transform all children’s lives. We aim to develop ‘the whole-child’ – building and growing their emotional, social and thinking skills, as well as prompting a passion for sporting excellence.

It is our intent at Nightingale Primary School for all children to be exposed to high-quality teaching that inspires children to succeed in physical education, and develop the skills and values needed for a lifelong love for sport, both in leisure and competition, fitness and health. We are dedicated to ensuring healthy minds, as well as bodies, as we believe that all children have the right to a healthy and active life style, and understand the fundamentals to fitness, not only through PE lessons, but also by underpinning values and the disciplines PE promotes.

Get Set 4 PE supports and guides our enhanced inclusive curriculum, enabling us to provide all children with the opportunity to participate in a range of well-planned physical activities. Through this, our children develop not only their physical skills, but also their knowledge across a varied sporting curriculum. Children learn, and become confident, in the key physical attributes such as: balance, co-ordination, speed, agility and stamina, as well as core skills such as throwing/catching, striking/fielding and sending/receiving.

In all aspects of PE, we provide opportunities for our children to develop and embed our school values of: Respect, Courage, Compassion and Friendship, whether by taking part in PE lessons, our annual sports day or competing in local league games. We believe that our school values are essential to fostering a healthy competitive mindset in sport. Upon leaving Nightingale Primary, children will be physically competent, have engaged in competitive sport and activities and will have built character.