At Nightingale Primary School, the children are encouraged to be historians who are inspired by their natural curiosity, who will question how we become who we are and how history has shaped us all in the modern world. The children explore life within living memory and events beyond living memory that are significant nationally and globally.

Through historical enquiry, the children contemplate the impact that events in history have had on their local area, the whole of the United Kingdom and the world beyond, noting connections, contrasts and trends over time. Teaching equips pupils in learning historical concepts, such as: asking perceptive questions, thinking critically, weighing evidence, sifting arguments and develop perspective and judgements.

Children develop an understanding of chronology, relating events locally and of world significance, creating a class historical timeline which the children build upon year by year, from entry to Nightingale Primary School to leaving us at the end of Key Stage Two.

By the time children leave Nightingale Primary School, they are inspired to find out where we have come from, to question what they might aspire to be in the future and how they can make a difference to the world.