Sensory Circuits

Sensory Circuits

This week we have started our “Sensory Circuit Bootcamp”.  Various children from across the school, identified by Mrs Gosling as SENDCo and class based staff, have been joining in with the circuit twice a day.

Sensory circuits is based on sensory integration and is a sensory motor skills programme which aims to prepare children to engage effectively with the day ahead.  Behavioural clues such as fidgeting, poor concentration, excessive physical contact or overall lethargy can indicate that a child is finding it difficult to connect with the learning process.  Sensory Circuits aims to meet these children’s sensory needs leaving them set up for learning. The circuit also encourages the development of the child’s sensory processing skills.

The circuit is broken down into 3 sections:

  1. Alerting – the activities in this section provide vestibular stimulation which prepare the brain for learning.  During these activities, the head changes direction rapidly.
  2. Organising – these activities provide motor challenge to the child.
  3. Calming – these activities calm the children – applying deep pressure and heavy work allowing the children to leave the circuit feeling calm and centred and ready for the day ahead. 

We have already seen significant impact on the children’s attention, concentration, quality of work and their general happiness back in class.  Having their sensory needs met twice a day means that they are ready to learn back in the busy classroom environment.