Notification of Appointment

Notification of Appointment 

Please can we ask that when making any appointments for your child, to try to arrange non-urgent or non-specialist appointments (e.g. opticians, dentist and GP) for times that are outside of the school day or during the school holidays.

If this is unavoidable and an appointment has to be made within school hours please complete the form which you can find below so the absence can be recorded accordingly and dinner booked if required.  If you do not complete the online form and the office are not aware that your child requires a school dinner you will need to provide them with a home packed lunch.

If your child needs to leave during the lunch break please can we ask that you arrange to collect them 10 minutes prior to the start of the lunchtime session.  Although the school office is manned throughout the school day we cannot guarantee that we will be able to find your child once they are out on the playground as easily, which may delay your departure.